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About Us

The Mavericks is a pure-play reputation management advisory with a unique proposition of being an exclusive consultancy and an extended team rolled into one. With an audience focussed approach, we ideate, strategize, and craft campaigns that deliver a long-term value rather than an immediate attention-grabbing impact.

Since our founding in 2018, we’ve strived to provide a deeper impact for brands by placing them well ahead of the curve and through meaningful engagement with the consumers. Customers are the reason we exist, and we ensure that whatever we do is done with the objective of making them win. Helping them navigate the always-on conversational world and equipping them to make their stories relevant to their stakeholders is our proposition.

We would rather have fewer customers but with deeper relationships, motivated by love and passion and fuelled by knowledge, creativity, and commitment. 



Businesses seek agencies that will have them at the centre of their universe rather than merely one of the many sources of revenue. Talent needs complete freedom to express itself and needs to be treasured as a source of creativity to meet the changing expectations of customers. Happy and motivated talent results in happy and engaged customers.Our team of strategists, technologists, researchers, and thoroughbred communicators have been cherry-picked to deliver value-driven campaigns to build, sustain, and protect the reputation of organizations. Our specialist services include:

01. Strategic Media Outreach

We know the best practices while engaging with regional, national and global media outlets in print, online, and broadcast media. We tailor press releases and interviews intended to engage with the right audience and increase brand recognition.

02. Executive Communications

We carefully craft the purpose of the company for the benefit of its stakeholders with high levels of professionalism and personalised communication. We deliver a company’s mission & vision, strategic initiatives, achievements, and respond to crises to inspire change and create a lasting impact.

03. Organic Influencer Management

By aligning with influencers who share the same brand values and objectives, we care about building audience engagement and creating meaningful content, in turn, increasing brand awareness.

04. Crisis Management

In an age where negative news can go viral, the best method lies in anticipating and planning to prevent a random events from happening. We help our customers identify reputation threats, plan for the most likely scenario, and develop a concrete plan that can be used to extinguish even the largest communication fires

05. Startup Consulting

We specialise in helping startups to articulate their purpose and develop a storytelling model, in turn, helping them to protect, sustain, and build their reputation in an always-on conversational world. We enable brands to function like publishers and help them create conversational assets that can generate data-driven stories ensuring a sustainable stream of creative content.


Our Clients Spanning Across Industries

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